just a local nativemaui ocean center aquariumi swam with both these guys: turtle (endangered) + octopus (cool)
another cemetery along the way. we always stop. when we were dating we would sleep in these, resting our bones on bones.

neon trees. i wouldnt have believed it myself. puffy paint doesnt even come in these colors.

a hike off the hana hwy

this looks beautiful, but it wasnt really sand. a rock beach. no swimmers.


signe & elise
just another state park off the hana hwy


mrs. everything said...

googoo gaga if that is what the locals look like sign me up for the nexxxt flight!

naomi said...

that door is funny. I hope you gave it a love tap. you should email me your address so i can email you those pictures so quinn can imagine himself at kim & davis' reception! (

manda said...

my favorite thing about hawaii is the neon trees, always!