success & failure

these were my goals for 2009:

finish my novel by february 1 Nope. I started a novel in january about people disappearing into shadows. still unfinished. i also started a different novel in november about an alternate quinn and his relationship with a homeless person. also unfinished.

try to get something published I didn't even try. I don't even have anything i would feel justified in publishing. strike two.

actively contribute to the writer's blog strike three.

start daggers with quinn > buy an amp > get a better job fail. fail. fail. in fact, i think i have a worse job now.

go on tour with bummerwolf this will never happen.

visit friends in provo and eat at gurus no, but this could semi-plausibly happen.

rechart my life's course (parsons vs. simmons vs. the great unknown) this did happen, but i'm still fumbling with the future.

run a marathon ha.

move score one.

ride bikes every warm day no, but i will count this as a yes in reasonable fairness.

get out of debt HA HA HA

release a bi-annual zine fail.

have an art show fail.

design and create a fall line fail.

read 200 books including:
a book on html, Le Petit Prince en francais, The Count of Monte Cristo, and Anna Karenina fail. but i did read 76 including a book on html. no to the little prince and the classics.

save money for Japan 2009--Netherlands 2010 no. and no.

study french again not really, although i did join Lang-8.

collaborate no.

read the standard works no, although i read most of the BoM.

go to the temple monthly yes, if you count a wedding in dec.

magnify my commitments ??

strengthen my relationships ??

& be open in expressing my feelings ??


crystal said...

would you like to colab on something with me? through the snail mail?

naomi said...

I failed on some of the same goals. Maybe when we visit provo in June, you too can visit provo in June, then we can tick off some Summer Days bike rides, Gurus, and have an art show. I have no art, but I could show yours off.

canne said...

crystal, yes! naomi, yes!

crystal said...

we could do a project based on your ten poems in ten minutes. you could send me something written and i could send you a picture, then you could make a different version of the picture and send it back and then i could write a something.
back and forth and back forth.
or not!!! we could do something entirely DIFFERENT!! or WHATEVER YOU WANT!!! EMPHASIS!!!

canne said...

good idea. i will send you something tomorrow and we can go back and forth until we are sick of it. also, we could come up with our ten strongest emotions and we can respond to them in writing/drawing (me draw 5 write 5, you draw 5 write 5) and then we can put each one side by side on a page, release it as a zine, and have people guess what the emotions were.

or not. that was my first thought. lets get together.