crystal, i went to library to check out Andrews and/or Pike for the "trashy reads" reviews, and i just couldn't do it.

a list of things i judge by appearances: books, websites, food packaging

more reviews (science fiction is back):


by Scott Westerfeld

I finished reading this today. The fourth, and final, book in the Uglies series, Extras is told from a new voice, that of Aya Fuse, a 15-year old Japanese school girl who "kicks" the biggest story her city has seen since the "mind-rain". In a fame-based economy, this break skyrockets her from an "extra" into unprecedented recognition. Unfortunately, recognition is the last thing Aya needs as the people in her story fight back to keep their secrets from being exposed. Tally Youngblood is re-introduced as the world possibly fights off another end. I have really loved this series. I think Tally is a much stronger character than Aya (which makes me think the books should have ended in a trilogy), but as a fan I didn't mind revisiting the complex, futuristic world Westerfeld created. Overall, the series tracks the profound evolution of one teenager (from 15-20) as she questions, evolves, manipulates, is manipulated, and eventually makes sense of her world and of herself.

The first three books in the series by Westerfeld:
Uglies, Pretties, and Specials.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I found this image online when I was looking for pictures of book jackets. How funny and weird is this girl?

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