quinn has done some really magnificent sketching lately. i think school, for him, is a catalyst for great things.

more reviews:

crystal asked me to review some trashy young adult (which i will this week, not even joking) but for now, maybe some trashy adult will do? I usually have a hard time with chick lit, but as far as escape reads, I am embarrassed to say that i liked both of these. Come on, its Meggin! Who didn't like The Princess Diaries?

The Boy Next Door

by Meg(gin) Cabot

I first read this as a teenager. A quick read about a New York girl who falls in love with her neighbor. Only, her neighbor is not who she thinks he is. He has assumed a false identity as a favor to a college buddy (who turns out to be a fraudulent murderer). The whole boo
k is a series of emails between characters. This novel is both sexy and brainless, as you might expect. I have kind of a hard time believing people talk about their sex lives per email with their family members, but what do i know?

Boy Meets Girl

by Meg Cabot

I read this over the weekend. A follow-up book to Boy Next Door, this novel shares a lot of the same characters. In this read, a small town girl dumps her rocker boyfriend and falls in love with a lawyer thanks to a complicated legal deposition concerning her work. I don't like it as well as Cabot's first, mainly because i can't relate to the female main character (she kind of blabs on endlessly), but there is some shining dialogue by the male lead. i think i even laughed out loud once or twice. This novel is also in email format with a few diary entries.

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