laurel thatcher ulrich is in our new ward, the cambridge first ward. i got a little flustered and tongue-tied meeting her. like that time we went to hear geraldine brooks speak.

i told my sweet-home-mama about laurel's sunday school lesson on plural marriage. about how interesting church history is to me and how beautiful it is to be in a setting where taboo issues are discussed openly. i really believe what she said, that if we're not comfortable talking about it, maybe we haven't resolved the issue in our own lives. i talked about learning new things and being around other people who really seem to be seeking for knowledge. she kind of said, thats nice, and gently reminded me that sometimes its enough just to have faith. i dont know why she said that. but it kind of riled me. im not struggling in any way with my faith. a lot of times i wonder if we're just playing devils advocate with each other. or if she thinks my excitement for knowledge is leading me down thorny paths. i mean i don't think im spending a lot of time plumbing through the mysteries of God, but even if I was, i don't see why i can't receive answers to any of my questions. didn't he say ask and ye shall receive? seek and ye shall find?


naomi said...

Maybe I read this incorrectly, but I think we're haranguing over the same things at the moment.

Jendar said...

i just found out through rachel the other day that you are going to her same school and taking a class together. how fantastic. i am glad you chose to do library science as it is a fascinating program. i am doing museum studies and love it so much. anyway, i hope to see you when i come visit boston sometime.

p.s. grad school is seriously the best.