Quick stats for Fall

30+ days of pizza
17 books read
5 free screenings (bright star, whip it, motherhood, gentlemen broncos, the blind side)
3 classes (conversational computing, publishing, book history)
2 museums (isabella stewart gardner & ICA)
2 music venues (Have Heart's last show and David Bazan's Curse Your Branches tour)
1 trip out of the country (Montreal)

I left out the bad things. I find its better to forget those numbers.


naomi said...

How was Bright Star? It just came out here xx

canne said...

sweetly sad, but worth seeing it. its about john keats.

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

30+ days of pizza sounds like my personal heaven.

canne said...

you should try it. it was pretty great for us. it takes all the "what are we gonna eat?" out of dinner, and no matter the day, it was what we always wanted. for days with no time, we would make pizzas on tortillas or flat bread (which is awesome) but in general i became quite the pro at pizza dough and pizza sauce. if you want recipes i will email you.